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Image by Laurenz Kleinheider


"Amidst the daunting complexities of artificial intelligence, we must be the ones who dare to step into the arena of knowledge, not as spectators, but as determined seekers of truth. For it is only by facing the challenges head-on that we can claim victory over the mysteries that lie before us."


Daniel graduated with a Master of Law at WU Vienna (frequently listed in the top 200 in global university rankings) and a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence at JKU Linz (consistently ranking among the world's top 400 universities). 

As both are multiple years full-time study programs, he has a strong academic foundation in business law and artificial intelligence. 

Furthermore, he tutored at the JKU Linz at the Department of Computational Perception in various courses related to machine learning.

In his work, he combines his knowledge of data science, software engineering, and legal-related matters. His interests currently revolve around programming machine learning applications and all its related aspects. To the core, he considers himself a problem solver in complex environments, which is reflected in his projects. 

Have a look at the service he can offer. 

In his art projects, he combines personality with technology and exposes them both online and offline.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have ideas, projects, or problems.

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